Meet Team at LCV


Dr. Rose has practiced in the Perham area for more than 40 years. His grandfather was one of the first three veterinarians in the tri-state area, graduating from Chicago Veterinary College in 1895. Dr. Rose is a true Patriot – he served in Vietnam in the Marine Corps in the late 1960’s and spent the next 6 months in a medical facility. Dr. Rose graduated from the University of Minnesota – Veterinarian School in 1975 and Perham has been home to he and his family for nearly all of those years.


Dr. Rose is a Rotarian and has been a board member of the Perham Fair Board for many years. He serves as the fair veterinarian

“Doc,” as many of us call him, is an avid sportsman as well as a great handyman.

each summer and encourages area children to participate in animal husbandry through 4H. His 4th grade pig-heart dissection class, and the children’s many questions/answers it generates, have been a highlight in the Perham School and has led several students to seek careers in human or animal medicine.

“Doc,” as many of us call him, is an avid sportsman as well as a great handyman. Gertie, his lab, is by his side every day and accompanies him on his visits to the farm. His newest hobby is the 60,000 bees he keeps.

Dr. Rose practices medicine based on “science” as well as compassion and caring. Many of the LVC clients come, not only the surrounding area, but much farther to see “Doc” Rose. Practicing not only as a clinic, but also as a hospital, and an emergency room, one never knows what the next pet will need as it comes through the door. Sometimes, it’s just to visit. For more than a decade, Dr. Rose has worked with the development and use of ACELL – tissue regeneration. Doc likes the challenge of cutting-edge skills/tools combined with his love and enjoyment for animals of all sorts and sizes.

Angie Bushinger | Technician

Sara Kinn | Receptionist

Teresa Rose | Administrative

Angie Bushinger

Angie has worked for LVC as head tech for nearly 20 years. As a teenager, she wanted to work with Dr. Rose and LVC. Angie gives each client a sense of assurance with her quiet demeanor and obvious skill level. She delights in new puppies and kittens and offers a strong, compassionate shoulder on which to lean on your family pet’s last day.

Sara Kinn, Sara Rose & Teresa Rose

One of these team members will greet you at the front desk or on the telephone. Their upbeat cheery voices can be heard throughout the clinic. They many not be able to answer all your questions, but they will get an answer or make an appointment for you. Teresa “picks up the overload” – sometimes at the desk and other times in exam rooms, boarding, grooming or surgery. She is also the bookkeeper and office manager.

Betsy Hietala

Betsy owned her own grooming business for several years, but over a decade-and-a-half ago she decided to join the LVC team. She can be heard singing and/or talking to the animals as she grooms them. A groom typically includes: a double bath, double cut, nail trims, anal gland expression, and ear checks. Her “take-home” report cards give each pet owner a window into their pet’s day with the groomer.

Kelsi Anderson

Kelsi Anderson graduated from New York Mills in 2015 and from Ridgewater Community and Technical College-located in Wilmer, MN with a degree as a licensed veterinary Technician.

Kelsi Has shown and competed with rabbits most of her life. Saturdays you will always find her traveling to another competition. Her favorite pet was “Angela”, a min-pin, but her house was filled with furry four-legged pets of many varieties. She makes the visit to the vet an enjoyable experience.

Kelsi Anderson | Technician


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